Conservation Agriculture, Permaculture and Sustainable Fisheries Management

Demonstration of marine monitoring techniques. Photo by FAO Timor-Leste


This project promoted the adoption of sustainable production techniques and the intensification and diversification of smallholder farming and fishing systems.

Key results


  • 1,600 smallholder farmers and fisherfolk adopted conservation agriculture, permaculture and sustainable co-fisheries management techniques; 26 to 58% increases in yields from conservation-agriculture demonstration plots. 
  • 1,386 farmers, teachers, students, community leaders/work assistants, and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries NGO extension workers trained in permaculture techniques.
  • 1,132 packages of farm tools and agricultural inputs were procured and delivered to farmer field school participants for the testing, validation, replication and scaling up of conservation agriculture practices; 7 sets of agri-food processing equipment, tools, containers, packaging materials, etc. procured, delivered, installed and operational.
  • 2 national policies incorporated conservation agriculture and sustainable land management issues, and 3 sustainable co-fisheries management plans were adopted by stakeholders.

Key features


Smallholder farmers and fisherfolk


Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Naterra Association, Conservation International, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Timor-Leste




July 2015–June 2018

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