Ten countries through the International Solar Alliance

Scaling Solar Applications for Agricultural Use


The project aims to increase the use of solar energy in a safe, convenient, affordable, equitable and sustainable manner in the target countries. It will enable pilot installations of solar water pumps (SWPs) and demonstrate innovative deployment models in 10 countries for scaling up. The key proposed interventions of the project include: (a) feasibility and capacity assessments conducted in 10 identified pilot countries to assess local potential and capacity to effectively deploy SWPs; (b) SWPs installed, using sustainable and innovative deployment models, in each of the pilot countries, reaching a minimum of 150 beneficiaries in each target country; (c) conducive local ecosystem enabled and strengthened for deployment of SWPs and other solar energy applications; and (d) best practices in SWP deployment and project implementation and important lessons learned documented, collated and disseminated.

Key features


Rural communities


Governments of target countries, International Solar Alliance, UNDP India; UNDP in 10 target countries




20 months

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