Reconstruction of Atta Habib Medical Centre in Gaza City

Newly reconstructed Atta Habib Medical Centre. Photo by UNDP/PAPP


This project rebuilt and enhanced access to public health infrastructure through the reconstruction of Atta Habib Medical Centre in the eastern Gaza City neighbourhood of Shujaia. Necessary equipment was supplied for the building to run the health-care clinic. The construction work undertaken included maternity and child wards as well as facilities for dental and lab services. Furniture and communication systems to enable the operation of those services were also provided.

Key results


  • 30,000 patients annually receive better health-care services through the rehabilitated 1,220 m2 four-storey building and medically equipped Atta Habib Medical Centre.
  • New medical equipment installed in the maternity section, blood and biochemistry lab, and dental clinic; the furniture and communications system of the hospital updated; a PV solar system installed; and the road to the Atta Habib Medical Centre rehabilitated.
  • Health-care services provided in the facility pharmacy, two chronic disease clinics, three vaccination clinics, two motherhood clinics, one dental clinic, one laboratory, two inspection rooms and three multipurpose halls.

Key features


Gaza Strip population


Palestinian National Authority, Ministry of Health, UNDP/PAPP




January 2015–July 2017

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