Rehabilitation of the Cultural and Hospital Centre (Phases I and II)

Newly established pharmacy on the fifth floor. Photo by UNDP/PAPP


This project rehabilitated the physical infrastructure and upgraded medical capacities of the nine-storey Cultural and Hospital Centre for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in the Gaza Strip. The rehabilitated hospital includes patient recovery rooms, administrative offices, a cafeteria and rooms for psychosocial support activities. 

Key results


  • The open heart and catheterization operation theatre, patient recovery rooms, emergency response rooms, medical intervention rooms for chronic diseases, administrative offices, a cafeteria and rooms for psychosocial support activities rehabilitated, equipped and furnished; 50 to 60 beds added in patients’ rooms.
  • Health facility improvements resulted in enhanced crisis management responses to emergencies and chronic diseases affecting the general health of the Palestinian population.
  • The population of the Gaza Strip is enabled to receive better continuous health-care services.

Key features


Gaza Strip population


Palestinian National Authority, Palestinian Red Crescent Society, UNDP/PAPP


$1,644,700 (Phase I: $1,000,000; Phase II: $644,700)


Phase I: January 2012–March 2013; Phase II: May 2014–December 2016

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