Addressing Water, Health and Poverty Nexus through WASH initiatives for COVID-19 and Climate Change responses in Eswatini


The project aims to enhance access to water, thereby improving sanitation and hygiene as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a long-term response to climate change. The expected key results of the project include: (a) solar powered borehole and rainwater-harvesting water supply systems with a filtration system constructed in 3 rural communities, improving access to clean water for 3,000 people; (b) access of 600 rural households to hand washing facilities that have clean water and soap, with the households practising good hygiene; (c) two rain- and storm-water harvesting systems with filtration/treatment systems to public sanitation facilities in two urban centres constructed using innovative permeable concrete technology; and (d) South-South knowledge exchanges and learning on climate change adaptation (CCA) measures and disaster risk reduction (DRR) from Brazil, India and South Africa strengthened.

Key features


3 rural communities, at least 600 households


National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), UNDP Eswatini, NGOs




24 months

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