Delivering Safe Drinking Water

Water desalination plant. Photo by UNDP Cabo Verde


This project focused on increasing the availability of safe drinking water on the island of São Nicolau through the construction of a plant for the desalination of sea water and its transportation to the communities. It improved the health of communities by reducing health risks associated with the intake of poor-quality water. 

Key results


  • The year-round supply of safe drinking water for the 12,000 inhabitants of São Nicolau island increased as did the water supply for agricultural purposes. 
  • The water desalination plant was built and connected to the main water distribution system of Ribeira Brava; it has a desalination capacity of 1,200 m³ of sea water per day and a water storage reservoir with a capacity of 1,000 m³.

Key features


Inhabitants of São Nicolau island


Municipality of Ribeira Brava, UNDP Cabo Verde


$1,712,000 Additional Resources: Municipality of Ribeira Brava, $150,000; the Government of Cabo Verde, $80,000; and UNDP Cabo Verde, $60,000


March 2009–November 2014

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